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An invitation to embrace the sensation of speed in everyday life, the thrill of the race and the elegance of precision timekeeping

It is not just a testament to the speed and dynamism of the automobile industry. This automatic watch is a celebration of the relentless human spirit that strives to push boundaries and break records. It's an acknowledgment that in the race of life, style and speed go hand in hand.

Green Track


Stradale Green Track

Inspired by the pulsating heart of the automobile industry, this collection captures the exhilaration of speed, with design elements that echo the sleek contours and dynamic spirit of the world's fastest cars.

Custom Alandium Movement Mobile

Distinguished by Performance

Just as a finely tuned race car engine propels the machine to victory, the Stradale Collection's mechanical movement serves as the unrelenting heart of each watch. This intricate mechanism mirrors the unwavering spirit of competition. Constantly in motion, its every part is meticulously calibrated to deliver exceptional timekeeping, ensuring your watch keeps pace with your relentless pursuit of excellence.

Like the limited editions of the most coveted sports cars, every watch is a collectible, manufactured from high-end materials like scratch resistant sapphire glass and rigid stainless steel. This watch for men becomes a piece of a larger narrative that celebrates the continuous chasing up the extraordinary and the spirit of the conquerer.

A tribute to speed

From the racetrack-inspired tachymeter to the subdials channeling a finely tuned engine, this watch boasts a rich automotive heritage. Precision manufacturing meets modern design, capturing the spirit of speed on your wrist.