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This groundbreaking series of timepieces redefine the aesthetics of watchmaking with a futuristic vision inspired by interstellar travel.

It is designed for forward-thinkers, adventurers, and style-conscious individuals who demand a watch that captures their imagination and showcases their unique style.



Skywalker Blue



Skywalker Yellow



Skywalker Red



Skywalker Green



Skywalker Orange

Each watch is a testament to the adventurous spirit of its wearer, blending the best of engineering, design, and thematic storytelling. The dial, inspired by the vast cosmos, is crafted to mimic the rugged, uneven textures of celestial rocks, featuring four diamond-shaped corners that enhance its futuristic appeal.

Miyota 82S0 Movement

Exposed Mechanism

The collection showcases its intricate gears and springs, reminiscent of the advanced propulsion systems seen in space travel. This design choice celebrates the complexity and precision engineering synonymous with both advanced horology and aerospace technology.

Hyperion Oro Roso Lifestyle Hyperion Inferno Orancio Lifestyle Hyperion Nero Profondo Lifestyle

The Kenobi Collection is ideally suited for those who are fans of science fiction and space exploration, or anyone who appreciates a watch captures their imagination and showcases their unique style.

Hyperion Moissanite Super-LumiNova View

Futuristic Dial Design

The dial is uniquely designed with a textured surface and four diamond-shaped corners, suggesting the rugged terrain of distant planets or meteorites. These elements combine to give the watch face a dynamic, almost otherworldly appearance.