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Aventiya Watch for Woman


This collection reflects the gentle ocean waves captured in the captivating design of luxury ladies` watch

While inspired by the boundless freedom of the sailor, the Aventiya transcends mere functionality, transforming into a captivating watch for the woman who embraces adventure with a touch of elegance.

Cielo Blu


Aventiya Cielo Blu

Oro Bianco


Aventiya Oro Bianco



Aventiya D'Argento

Acido Verde


Aventiya Acido Verde

Choose from a cool sky blue and lime green that evoke the calming depths of the ocean, or opt for warmer tones like pearl white or sandy beige that capture the sun-kissed shores.


Alanadium's custom-developed, in-house mechanical movement ensures unwavering timekeeping, in th same pace with your adventurous spirit. This precision-engineered mechanism is built to last, the perfect partner for exploring your world.


A New Dawn for Women's Watches

For too long, women's watches have been limited to the realm of ordinary design. But a new era has arrived, one where femininity meets horological know-how, and elegance embraces innovation.

AVENTIYA transcends mere timekeeping. It is a testament to the modern day Wonder Woman you are. With its interchangeable straps and bold design, this watch allows you to tell countless stories throughout your day.

Elysium Watch Straps

seascape captured on your wrist

The dial is a captivating masterpiece. Imagine the gentle ripples of the ocean captured in a mesmerizing texture. Delicate lines dance across the surface, adding depth and dimension while ensuring clear readability to your luxury watch for ladies designed by Alandium.