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Forget basic timekeeping. The Mercurius boasts a suite of four essential complications: day, date, month, and year

For those who appreciate classic sophistication with a modern twist, this very collection offers an intriguing blend of timeless elegance and bold character.

Rose Gold


Mercurius Rose Gold

Silver White


Mercurius Silver White

Acid Green


Mercurius Acid Green

Acid Yellow


Mercurius Acid Yellow

Dark Silver


Mercurius Dark Silver

Pure White


Mercurius Pure White

Its classic silhouette is of a familiar comfort to the eye. The high quality silicone strap and the curved sapphire glass adds a contemporary touch, ensuring comfort and resilience in equal measure.


Every Mercurius timepiece is meticulously crafted with a reliable high precision mechanical movement. Its true power lies within its four meticulously integrated complications: day, date, month, and year. This ensures that beneath the layers of beauty lies a foundation of functionality you can depend on for years to come.

 It's crafted for those who see beyond the hours and minutes, for whom time is a canvas of human experience, rich with potential and ripe for the bold.

Beneath the Design, Unwavering Precision: While the Mercurius captivates with its bold colors and intricate dial, its core functionality remains paramount.

Complex Dial

The Mercurius automatic watch features a unique, multi-layered dial that goes beyond just telling time. It is like a captivating stage where time unfolds visually and becomes a statutory element for the modern man.