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The skeleton dial, a bold statement in itself, shows off our inhouse developed mechanical movement

This unique timepiece is a testament to our automotive roots, blending the high horsepower of car tuning with the sleekness of race-inspired design.

Panther Black


Elysium Panther Black

Krypton Green


Elysium Krypton Green

Elkhart Blue


Elysium Elkhart Blue

Inferno Orange


Elysium Inferno Orange

Craft your perfect look with Elysium interchangeable strap system. Choose from luxurious leather or high-performance rubber straps for a personalized touch that adapts to your style.

Movement Presentation

In House Movement

Beneath the captivating display lies the beating heart of the watch: our in-house developed mechanical movement. Every gear, every spring, every meticulously crafted piece represents the dedication and expertise of our watchmaking team.

Elysium is a testament to the relentless pursuit of innovation, a feat of engineering that elevates this watch beyond mere timekeeping and into the realm of horological artistry.

Skeleton Dial

The Elysium showcases ALANDIUM's dedication to craftsmanship, with a skeleton dial that reveals the intricate workings inside, much like the exposed engine of a high-performance race car. This is a watch for men designed for those who appreciate the art behind the mechanical movement.