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With its daring dial and robust case, each Maranello watch is a piece of wearable art for those who appreciate the finest things

Inspired by the pulsating heart of the automobile industry, this collection of automatic watches captures the exhilaration of speed, with design elements that echo the sleek contours and dynamic spirit of the world's fastest cars.

Dark Blue


Maranello Dark Blue

Dark Silver


Maranello Dark Silver

Race Red


Maranello Race Red

Racing Yellow


Maranello Racing Yellow

Every watch in the collection pays tribute to the excitement of racing, the powerful roar of the engine, and the smooth aerodynamics that cut through the air, igniting an insatiate thirst for victory.

Custom Alandium Movement Mobile

Fueled by Passion, Powered by Precision

Each Maranello timepiece features a super accurate mechanical movement. This innovative automatic watch mirrors the unwavering heart of a race car, constantly in motion, meticulously calibrated to deliver reliable timekeeping, ensuring you keep pace with your relentless pursuit of excellence.

Designed for those who carry the essence of the racetrack in their pulse, these watches are a constant reminder of the power, precision, and passion that drive the world of motorsports.

Maranello Race Red Dial

Speed on Your Wrist

From the tachymeter-inspired borders that measure the rush of the racetrack to the subdials that capture the precision of a well-tuned engine, every aspect is a tribute to the automotive world. Designed for those who carry the essence of the racetrack in their pulse.