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Imagine the essence of titanium, its renowned lightness and strength, transformed into something entirely new

The Eternum Collection boasts a unique titanium case and skeleton dial. It's as if the metal itself has captured the faint shimmer of distant stars. This innovative design offers an unobstructed view of the intricate workings of the Swiss-made precision movement at its heart.

Titanium Silver


Eternum Titanium Silver

With its celestial inspiration, cutting-edge technology, and timeless elegance, it's a timepiece for those who dare to be different. Choose from a variety of elegant dial colors and strap options to resonate with your Eternum, wearing a timepiece that reflects your unique connection to the vastness of the time.

ETA 7750 Movement

Powering Eternity

At the heart of the Eternum lies the legendary ETA 7750 Swiss-made automatic movement. It boasts with a complex architecture with multiple complications, allowing for features like chronograph functionality. This intricate mechanism, meticulously crafted by Swiss watchmakers, ensures the Eternum not only looks exceptional but also delivers exceptional timekeeping accuracy for years to come.

The intricate gears and mechanisms, meticulously crafted by Swiss watchmakers, are a testament to human ingenuity and a constant reminder of the beauty and complexity of time itself.

Elysium Watch Straps

Beyond Titanium: A Fusion of Luxury and Durability

More than a typical titanium case. Imagine the lightness and strength you expect, but then add an almost ethereal glow, as if infused with starlight. This captivating effect is a result of a proprietary treatment process that alters the surface structure of the titanium, creating a unique play of light that sets the Eternum apart.