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This collection features a revolutionary case design, meticulously crafted from CNC-milled forged carbon

The blend between Horology and Automotive- results in a carbon case that's not only lightweight, incredibly durable. This man`s watch is perfectly suited for the wrist of a modern explorer who appreciates both innovation and a touch of automotive legacy.

Nero Black


Carboniado Nero Black



Carboniado Moonlight

Forged Green


Carboniado Forged Green

Deep Space


Carboniado Deep Space
Swiss Movement eta28243d


The Carboniado Collection isn't just a marvel of modern materials; it houses a legend within. A prestigious Swiss movement, meticulously crafted with generations of watchmaking expertise, beats at its core. It's a reminder that true luxury lies in appreciating the symphony of heritage and innovation that whispers from your wrist.

Hyperion Oro Roso Lifestyle


CNC Milled Forged Carbon Case

Fully CNC Milled Forged Carbon Case

Beyond its strength, CNC milling allows for the creation of intricate and unique case designs with exceptional precision. This translates into a timepiece that transcends functionality, becoming a captivating work of art on your wrist. The forging process creates a unique marbled pattern within the carbon fiber, imbuing each Carboniado timepiece with a captivating and distinctive aesthetic.